• Our plantings are planned to be within bush reserves and country areas.
  • Currently working with local farmers planning to create corridors and stepping stones of native vegetation that will provide habitats for birds and marsupials.
  • Restoration takes time for the native vegetation to be able to support indigenous animals. Damage to these new growths occurs with too much human visitation/litter etc.
  • Habitats we create need to have limited human contact to provide a safe habitat for indigenous flora and fauna. Therefore, unfortunately we’re unable to provide access to these locations, especially if they are part of a private farm. However, we provide updates and photos on a regular basis.
  • Just like we don’t like critters in our home/habitat, us humans need to accept we need to let animals and birds have the same respect in their habitat/home.
  • Working with farmers who have land they don’t use for their cropping and grazing purposes.

We say “Give a Tree” that’s fine as a name; but in reality we will be planting indigenous plants which may be trees, bushes, shrubs, grasses, ground cover.. Whatever is appropriate at the time of that planting area’s regeneration needs. The bush is a community of plants and to regenerate our bush we need to plant the community of plants which will provide habitats for even our smallest indigenous animals/birds/butterflies that is relevant to the specific restoration area. That is working toward reestablishing the indigenous biodiversity of the area.

In the Australian bush, plant space is a competition, between plants, our endeavour will be to “regenerate our bush” will require that we remove non-indigenous plants: trees, bushes, grasses etc. Some of the larger plants may over-time have become habitats for native animals and birds etc, so these non-indigenous plants will need to be managed (protected/controlled to provide a continuing habitat until the native plantings grow sufficiently to safely remove the non-indigenous.)

Our Objectives

  • Do what we can to improve our patch in the world for a healthy climate for all the inhabitants on earth. Do Our bit.​
  • Restoration of de-vegetated areas with the intention to return the areas planted to their former glory.
  • Provide an alternative gift vs those that get re-gifted, given to a Op Shop/Thrift Store.
  • Fund an environmental sustainability program in schools, that inspires them to learn more about life on earth.​
  • Encourage gifts that are 100% Australian made including 100% using Australian employment.
  • To show that environmental gifts can be a profitable business, that is defuse the belief that environmental project must be charities or government funded projects.
  • There are many talented youth training or trained in the environment areas but their job prospects seem largely dependant on grants and government jobs. Why cannot our youth work not subject to the vagaries of funding and political policy.


Give A Tree Australia has been inspired by my Great Great Grand Aunt who lived to 105, once she reached her 65th Birthday she requested we buy her trees in Israel that were planted on her behalf as gifts. She must have had forests planted in her name!

My father being in the gift import business also had its

Since spending many years in the corporate world and education area I have grown a passion for nature. Give A Tree Australia provides a platform for you to purchase a gift that will help regenerate our bush, habitats and heal the earth. 

Join us on our journey!